3/4 X 21 1/2″ DEWALT SDS MAX

Mfg#: DW5812 | SKU: 004-25-5812
Vendor Name: DEWALT
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You can drill through reinforced concrete and withstand rebar strikes with the 5/8″ X 21″ DEWALT ELITE SERIES™ SDS MAX Drill Bit. The complete range of these bits are made in Germany with global materials and are ideal for rebar doweling. The patented unique carbide 4 cutter edge design increases the drill bit durability, while the IRON BLAST TECHNOLOGY™ process strengthens the bit and resists fatigue resulting in extreme durability.


  • IRON BLAST TECHNOLOGY™: High speed blasting strengthens the bit to reduce the risk of breakage.
  • CONTROLLED PENETRATION INTO CONCRETE: Pilot point design for quick starts into the material and accurate holes.
  • FAST DRILLING: Optimized flute design removes dust quickly from the hole for fast drilling.
  • ANCHOR WEAR MARK INDICATOR: For drilling accurate hole diameters when using the bit to install anchors. Located on the flute of the bit, once the wear mark is no longer visible it is time to change the bit for proper anchor installation.

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Weight 1.5 LBS
Vendor Name DEWALT