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Manufacturing Info

Atlas Construction Specialties Co., has been manufacturing Snap Ties at our on-site plant since 1957.


Our Snap Ties are manufactured from C1038 high tensile wire, .225+- .002 diameter with an ultimate tensile load of 4,800 to 5,400 lbs. The safe working load is 2,250 lbs., based on a 2 to 1 safe factor. We use a 1″ x 1″ plastic cone for a 1″ breakback to ensure the Snap Tie, when broken off, is 1″ from the surface of the wall.

We also manufacture Waterseal Snap Ties which incorporate a neoprene washer 3/16″ thick X 15/16″ O.D. x 1/8″ I.D., friction fitted on the Snap Tie in the center of the wall dimension.

In addition, we offer a 1 X 1 ½” plastic cone which would achieve a 1 ½” breakback and a loose washer Snap Tie which has a flush breakback. Our Snap Ties are successfully used with most popular forming systems. We stock a wide variety of snap ties for various wall size and forming situations. We also manufacture custom snap ties to fit your job sites unique conditions.

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