Mfg#: GG023 | SKU: 004-01-GG023
Vendor Name: KRAFT TOOL CO.
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This multi-purpose tool cleans and shaves excess material from concrete and wood surfaces. This heavy-duty scraper is ideal for after work clean up as well as prepping surfaces for remodeling and refurbishments. The securely attached 36″ blade is firm but flexible. Each side of the blade has a bent edge where it attaches to the bracket to reinforce the top and provide more leverage for scraping. The bracket extends 5″ up the handle for security of the blade. Braces extend from each end of the blade up the handle and are bolted into place to provide extra support when pushing through material. The heavy-duty 54″ metal handle provides excellent leverage when scraping. The handle is coated to provide a better grip while working. The end features a textured foam grip that provides a comfortable end when scraping up stuck-on materials. The potential uses during clean up makes this a must-have tool on a jobsite. Comes unassembled. Proudly made in the USA.


  • Cleans and shaves all types of material from concrete and wood surfaces
  • Excellent for cleaning concrete forms and old glue and other excess material from floors
  • Bent edge on top of blade and provides additional leverage
  • Bracket extends up 5" on the handle for security, while braces extend up for additional support

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Weight 6 LBS
Vendor Name KRAFT TOOL CO.