3/32 X 4 1/2 5/8-11 CUTOFF WHL (63114)

Mfg#: EDP63114 $850PP 10BX | SKU: 004-15-63114
Vendor Name: PFERD
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PFERD Cut-Off Wheel Performance Line SG


  • PFERD tools for grinding and cutting are of premium quality. Decades of experience in advising on diverse applications lead us to the continuous development of new and innovative products.
  • Fast-cutting cut-off wheel for steel with very long service life.


  • Materials that can be worked:
  • Steel
  • Applications:
  • Cutting out holes
  • Cutting of sheet metal
  • Cutting
  • Cutting of profiles
  • Cutting of solid material
  • Drive types:
  • Angle grinder

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Weight 0.54 LBS
Vendor Name PFERD