Mfg#: CC214 EA. | SKU: 004-01-33214
Vendor Name: KRAFT TOOL CO.
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This multi-purpose tool cleans and shaves excess material from concrete and wood surfaces. This heavy-duty scraper is ideal for after work clean up as well as prepping surfaces for remodeling and refurbishments. The 14″ replaceable blade (CC207) is firm but flexible with the proper amount of give. The 4-3/4″ tall blade is sandwiched between each side of the bracket for secure and safe fit. Four bolts secure the bracket, but make replacing the blade simple. The heavy-duty 60″ shovel-type wood handle provides excellent leverage when scraping. A steel ferrule secures the handle. The potential uses during clean up makes this a must-have tool on a jobsite. Scrapes up old glue from floors or excess material from messy jobs. Use to clean excess concrete from concrete forms. Proudly made in the USA.


  • 14 In. firm steel blade
  • Blade provides enough give for scraping ease
  • Four bolts secure blade
  • Scrapes up old glue from floors or excess material from messy jobs
  • Scrapes excess concrete from concrete forms
  • Steel ferrule connects the handle
  • Strong wooden shovel-type handle
  • 60 In. handle for additional leverage
  • Replaceable blade for long life
  • Made in the USA


Excellent for cleaning forms and floors

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Weight 2 LBS
Vendor Name KRAFT TOOL CO.