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New Facility Now Open!

Atlas has opened a second location in Pacific, WA to support our customers' growing needs. The new location is 1215 Thornton Ave, Pacific WA, which is just off HWY 167.

Our new facility is now open!

Photos as of 1/28/07 – check back for updated photos

Retrofitting Your Home or Commercial Building

When looking to retrofit your project, look no further than Simpson Strong-Tie products. Atlas is one of Simpson’s largest distributors in the Puget Sound region. Simpson offers many different solutions to solve all retrofitting needs.

Understanding Concrete Pressures & Loads on Formwork and The Use of Snap Ties

Keep in mind when reading this section that Atlas is a custom snap tie manufacturer. Our experienced sales and manufacturing staff have the ability to accommodate nearly all of your specialized concrete forming and snap tie needs.

EPS Geofoam

EPS Geofoam has been used in like applications worldwide for over 30 years. Insulfill EPS Geofoam is used in ground fill applications where a lightweight fill material is required to reduce stress on underlying soils. Click the link below to see EPS Geofoam used at Fischer Plaza in Seattle.

jobsite photos

Laser Form®

Laser Form® is a form system that works in concert with laser guided screed technology. Laser Form® allows laser guided screeds to deliver F-numbers that are consistent slab edge to slab edge.

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